There are three training modules to support the implementation and adoption of the DRIVE online tools and resources. These modules are delivered by local facilitators. 

Module Description
  1. Can you do it?
This module will help local sites to determine whether they can support and deliver a new research study.  The module takes an evidence based approach to assessing local feasibility using a standard form: “Assess: Local Capacity and Capability”.
  1. Are you ready?
This module will help local sites to plan for what they need to put in place to open a study.  This preparatory thinking and execution will give teams the best chance at delivering the study to time and target and meeting the FPFV metric.
  1. Back on track
This module will help research delivery teams to understand why the study is not delivering to time and target and will offer solutions to get the study back on track

Scheduled training sessions for these modules will be posted on this page.


Useful Powerpoints and Videos

Ease and Impact Matrix


Six Thinking Hats


CRNNENC 5Whys video


Process Mapping