At the heart of the DRIVE 
project is the belief that 
health research matters to you.
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  • You are the patient wanting access to the best available treatments and medicines
  • You are the healthcare professional wanting to offer your patients evidence based treatment and care 
  • You are the curious and questioning nurse, doctor, midwife, physiotherapist, radiographer, healthcare practitioner or student wanting to be part of developing or testing new treatments and medicines
  • You are the participant wanting to join a research study
  • You are the local surgery, dentist, hospital who places research at the heart of your core business and want to give your patients the opportunity to take part in research that matters to them and is available where they live
  • You are the sponsor or funder of research wanting to see value for money through the effective delivery of your studies
  • You are the recognised leaders in your field wanting investment in medical research.

If we can help research teams deliver research
studies effectively and efficiently, then together
we can achieve what matters to you.
That’s why we have worked with our research community to look at
ways of working smarter and achieving solutions together that help
address the key questions they face
Is this the right study for our patients?
I hope by being research active our patients can be reassured that we are forward thinking and strive to do the best for them
Dr Paul McEleny, GP in Cornwall
Taking part in a clinical trial is my way of saying thank you.
Research participant Bev Sewell
I enjoy the continuity of building relationships with the patients taking part in research studies and feel they can learn more about their health condition
Helen Clough, Community Research Nurse
Clinical research is the cornerstone to improving patient care.
Consultant Urologist Mr John McGrath